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🚀Upcoming AI events

💡Trending news

  • AI takes over sports: Wimbledon to feature AI commentary (Link)

  • Google’s AI models to learn from publicly available information (Link)

  • OpenAI launches 'Superalignment' to guard against AI destroying humanity (Link)

  • 1 super stock that could join Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Alphabet, and Amazon in the $1 Trillion Club (Link)

  • Stability AI CEO: There will be no (human) programmers in five years (Link)

⚙️Supercharge your business

  • IconlabAI generates unique and visually appealing app icons.

  • Brightbid is an automated bidding engine infused with AI that maximizes Google PPC advertising campaigns.

  • Tweetify is an AI-powered application that intelligently summarizes and customizes long-form content for social media sites with just one click.

  • DreamWalker is an AI art platform and generator that enables users to produce beautiful artwork, interact with other artists, and take part in AI art competitions.

  • Playground AI is another online platform where you can create and share art.

  • ChatFAI is an AI-powered chatbot platform that allows users to converse with their favorite characters from movies, TV series, novels, and other media.

  • ClassifyAI is a platform that allows users to develop, generate, and categorize JSON models using OpenAI's API.

  • TensorPix is a tool that can be used to enhance video and photo quality.

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  • Lavender accelerates email writing by identifying and fixing response-hindering elements. It offers efficient tools like the Personalization Assistant for recipient insights and suggestions, and "Start My Email" to overcome writer's block. Discover how to leverage Lavender's AI Email & Personalization Coach in this video. Check here!

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